The Perspective of Introduction

“She has a nice name,” Jackson thought as he grabbed an apple, adding it to the scavenged collection of food on his plate. Returning to the table, his eyes flicker over her again. She looked good. Twirling a fork on her plate, brushing back a light brown curl of hair behind her ear, sapphire blue eyes meeting his stare for a moment after he sat down, looking down again with a faint pink blossoming across her cheeks. Although her shoulders looked a little stiff, her little button nose gave the impression of childlike innocence, which contradicted herĀ guarded look and disclosed a vulnerable underlying personality. Her hair was like a fountain that spilled over her shoulders and ended slightly after, curling softly against her back and illuminated with a reddish tint from the sun.

He only picked up these details from glances however, since Brian had pulled the conversation back to life. “So, has anyone else gotten this email about classes tomorrow?” Holding up a phone, the message was too tiny for them to see, and all too quickly Brian stashed it back into his pocket. A glimmer of curiosity flashed in the girl’s eyes, and Jackson couldn’t help but curve the corners of his mouth into a small smile, amused at how transparent she was.

“About how they’re canceled, you mean?” Jackson’s voice was melodic, almost hypnotic as he watched to see her reaction, not bothering to hide his smile. Her fingers curled a little around her fork unconsciously, and she looked at Brian, then himself, a grin spreading across her face. “Wow, really? What’s going on?”

Jackson didn’t know, actually. Arching an eyebrow, he looked at Brian. “I don’t remember them telling us anything about it.. do you see anything?” Pulling his phone out again and absentmindedly dragging his finger across the screen, Brian replied quietly, “I don’t see anything. All I know is that we have an assembly first thing in the morning in Bryton.” Listening to his words, Jackson felt a chill of premonition.

As she leans forward, he feels the girl’s hand brush against his. Her fingers were small, but the contact made his skin tingle with electric warmth. His heart thumping a little faster, he recognizes his attraction, fighting the urge to trap her hand inside his own and caress her skin with his thumb. Who is this girl?, he thinks to himself. He wanted her.

Not moving her hand away, her voice lilts with interest as she says, “I heard a rumor about a secret school tradition. This is exciting, I’ve been dying to know what all the upperclassmen keep hiding from us.”

Gulping the last of his V8 and setting the glass on the table with his most winning smile, Brian replies calmly, “I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.”